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Take Your Shoes Off

Take Your Shoes Off | Duarte Carpet Cleaning

Do you remember how many times your mother told you to take your shoes off before entering the house? If her obsession of keeping the house spotless has haunted you for years, now that you are all grown and have children of your own is time to relate to her. Taking the shoes off has nothing to do with hypochondriasis and has everything to do with your health. Do you know how many bacteria you carry with your shoes? Thousands!!! Can you imagine the impact of hazardous allergens to your health? If you think simple carpet cleaning ways like vacuuming often will remove these contaminants, you need to think again. Bacteria are not removed that easily.

Don't Let Bacteria Invade Your Home

Carpets get dirty anyway. Don't forget that dust hardly travels alone. It carries germs and allergens, which might not be harmful in the open air, but they will be hazardous in a confined environment. There is no wonder why good carpet or rug cleaning for that matter is essential. Having shoes contaminating your carpets even more will just make things worse for your health and cleaning the floor harder. Germs travelling with your shoes will multiply and cause coughing, allergies, skin irritations and other health problems.

Have you ever thought why the Japanese culture requires leaving shoes outside the house? Some Asian restaurants will also demand of you to take your shoes off before entering the premises. With tables being low and Asian people sitting on the floor most of the times, there is a need to keep the floors or oriental rugs perfectly clean. Now think of American home floors. Most of them have carpets, which easily absorb dust and dirt. You might not sit on the floor to have dinner, but you still lie down to read, play with your dog or speak on the phone. Speaking of dogs, their hair and pet urine will also affect the environment. There are already germs in your house, why add more?

Think of how many times you walk barefoot at home! Now think of what you might be carrying home with your shoes: germs, dirt, mud, petroleum by-products and many more pathogens! When you step barefoot or with socks on your Persian rugs and then lie in your bed, bacteria is transferred all over the place. Let's get deeper into the problem. Think of how many times you dropped food and then picked it up and put it in your mouth all the same! With this piece of pizza you just swallowed, you also swallowed multiple forms of germs and bacteria. Congrats! You are first in the list of getting infections. If you choose to walk with shoes in the house, at least don't walk barefoot and remember that frequent home carpet cleaning is essential.


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