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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions and thanks for taking time visiting! We are pleased to inform you that here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services. They are written and gathered by the team of carpet cleaner experts to provide you accurate information.

If my kids have asthma or other allergies, how can I find the right carpet?

While no published scientific studies have noted a strong link between carpets and asthma or allergies, Carpet Cleaning Duarte technicians suggest that you purchase green-label upholstery, as well as plan for proper ventilation during the rug-installation process, and undertake regular vacuuming using a green-label vacuum cleaner. Also vacuum the floor again, before the carpet and pad are put back into place. Also make sure you open the windows and allow air to enter the house for the first 48 to 72 hours.

Bubbles, ripples or creases are Seen after my carpet was cleaned. Can they be removed?

Bubbles or ripples are a normal occurrence, especially if the carpet was not properly re-stretched after cleaning. However, this should be very unnoticeable and should clear away on its own after a few hours. If these bubbles do not clear away completely, it can be a sign that the fabric between the surface fabric and the base has lost its elasticity or has sustained damage. A professional repair should be done to treat these unsightly marks; otherwise, they may be replaced.

Can stains that were removed in the cleaning process suddenly reappear?

It is indeed possible for stains removed from deep cleaning to suddenly reappear. One reason is that something in the pad or floorboard, usually pet urine, somehow managed to work its way back up to the carpet. Another reason has something to do with the pH balance getting shifted to the other side of the scale.

How does hot water carpet extraction cleaning work?

One of the newest forms of carpet cleaning is “hot water extraction” cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Duarte technicians note that this is done by first pre-treating the carpets, and its high-traffic areas, with natural cleaning products or solutions. Next, these areas are run over using a state-of-the-art machine which injects hot water over the fabric surface to loosen dirt and debris. After hot water is injected into the surface a powerful vacuum sucks out all the debris, and will leave it free from dirt and odor.

Will carpet cleaning relieve my allergies?

Yes, especially if your allergies are triggered by dust and molds, as these are the common problems found in carpets. If you are sensitive to these, then carpet cleaning should definitely help in relieving your allergies. Avoid dirty carpets to avoid triggering your allergies as well.

Are there specific carpets for high traffic rooms?

Today, there are amazing choices among carpets and the secret is to find out more about fibers. Olefin fibers, for example, which are made by polypropylene, are very resistant and ideal for high traffic areas. These are the Berber carpets. Frieze and texture carpets, which have twisted fibers, are also very durable and excellent for high traffic rooms. So, ask for details about the fibers.

How do I blot liquid spilled on the carpet?

Use a paper towel to cover the stain. You simply need to tap on the towel gently to ensure that it will absorb the largest possible amount of liquid. You must refrain from pressing the towel against the pile as this will cause the spill to spread both downwards and to the sides. If the stain is big, you should work from the edges to the center.


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