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Pet Stain Removal

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Many pet owners will have bought microfiber furniture and covers because they seem very pet friendly. This type of material has a tight weave that will keep moisture from seeping into it right away, giving you the chance to wipe away the spill.Pet Stain Removal

It also helps prevent pet hair from being absorbed into the fabric, as the weave doesn't allow them to pass through anywhere near as easily as basic cotton or wool would.

Dealing with Pet Stains & Odors on Microfiber Furniture

There are some instances however, where even microfiber surfaces will be ruined by mess. You can't be there to watch your pets all day long, and when left alone they can chew, drool, nap and go to the “bathroom” wherever they please.

Stains like blood, urine and many manufactured pet foods, will leave a significant mark if left to sit on a microfiber surface. In these cases, your household products are likely to prove quite useless. With hours of work and frustration baring unrewarding results while possibly making the situation worse, it's best to call the experts.

How our Carpet Cleaning Company Can Help

Carpet Cleaning Duarte specializes in carpet and sofa stain removal. In the vast majority of cases, we will be able to completely remove the stain and odor. With powerful steam pressure cleaners, our experts will be able to draw the mess from your upholstery without creating any further damage.

Microfiber fabrics can require special devices and solutions that will not be possible to buy at a nearby store. Some small microfiber items will be cheap enough to simply replace, but many owners might find our cleaning service to be potentially more cost effective and less time consuming.

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