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Care for your Carpet

Care For Your Carpet | Duarte Carpet Cleaning

Most homes are carpeted because this floor covering offers warmth and comfort, aside from its numerous other benefits. However, the carpet could be the dirtiest part of your house since it is stepped on by everyone, including your pets. Dust and stains are not the only issue here, since carpets can also be a breeding ground for harmful organisms including mold, bacteria and fungi.

Procedures to Be Done to a Carpet

Owning a carpet means taking responsibility for proper care since soiled carpet is not just unsightly, but also unsafe. The following are the common procedures done to carpets:

  • Carpet Maintenance: This can be asked from a professional carpet cleaning contractor, to protect the carpet on a long-term basis
  • Mold Removal: This may involve mold inspection at first, followed by mold damage cleanup and repair. Rugs placed in moist locations are more susceptible to molds.
  • Stain Removal: Stains are inevitable especially for carpets and rugs in high-traffic areas. To treat stains, professional removal is done by cleaners.
  • Water Damage Restoration: At times, carpets get damaged by water leaks and flood. This requires immediate restoration to return to its original condition.

Aside from these procedures, rugs are also treated for pet stain and odor. Stains and odor are removed to keep the carpet good as new. At home, vacuuming can be done regularly. If a small area gets damaged by a spill or spot, it helps to treat them immediately using cleaners that are readily available in stores. No carpet could ever be free from dirt and dust, so regular cleaning is necessary so that heavy soiling is prevented. Heavy dirt is more difficult to clean. If protective cleaning agents are available, it is best to use them as well. Proper use of carpet can also be observed. It pays to be more careful to prevent spills and spots.


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