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Should You Let Children Playing With Crayons On Your Carpet

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

It is very difficult and challenging task to combine great looking home and small children. In fact, having your home in perfect order with little children around equals mission impossible. Quite often, foolishly and naively we actually try to achieve this almost unattainable goal ending up with lots of lost nervous and headaches.Should You Let Children Playing With Crayons On Your Carpet

Let the children be children

Most frequent victims of our children indoor creativity are our walls, upholstery, carpets and rugs. Once our children reach that age when they comprehend the power and the magic hiding within crayons, watercolors, colored chalk, tempers, magic markers and similar our dream of perfect home fades away and gets replaced with vivid and colorful chaos. Since children are just children, and this creativity phase is something we all went through the best you can do is get armed with all various kinds of carpet cleaning products, and rug and upholstery cleaning methods and routines and just let your little artists go about their business.

Offer them alternative

One thing you may try is to get the special wall paint that acts as a chalk board. This in fact might satisfy your child’s need to express him/her self on your home walls. You can also get them the finger color – special washable kind of color made for children to make paintings and drawings with their hands. If some of this or some other color ends up on your carpets, rugs and upholstery (which probably will, since children tend to ignore the notion of precision all together) do not go into panic but get your carpet cleaning company over two your home once in a while and trust the same with your carpet and rug maintenance. You can profit from these encounters also to learn more about home carpet maintenance routines and techniques.

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